Monday, November 16, 2015

Sometimes, the age gap between the big boys and Joe Joe makes it hard for them to connect.
While they all love each other, I know it can be difficult for the boys to play Candyland 6 times in a row or answer question after question from an inquisitive younger brother.  
But, the big boys, especially Nicholas, have found such joy in teaching little Joe how to play baseball.  Joe is a natural, just like his big brothers.  He loves learning what *the big boys* know, but I think mostly he just loves the one on one attention he gets from his big brothers whom he admires so much.  
Nicholas has asked if he can be a coach on Joe's spring team.  He really has a heart for younger children.  It would certainly make little Joe's heart swell with pride at seeing his big brother out there with him.  I think it will also do the same for his big brothers.

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