Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'm so stinkin' sick of contractors..

So, we hired this guy to build us a fireplace mantle.  First, he calls to confirm when I told him to come and TELLS me that after he comes over, he'll measure the fireplace then go home and build it, then come over to put in on..Whoa..I told him let's meet first, discuss what we want,etc.  So, he brings his wife and she goes on and on how he's so great and is so talented yada yada...I had a feeling about them..you know that even though the price is good it just doesn't seem right, but I overlooked it because they were soooo cheap!

So, he gives us a price and we agree to let him build the mantle.  This was on Friday.  He was supposed to go get the wood(we even had a sawmill that we knew had the perfect piece that he called and reserved)  He asked us for $50 for the wood.  Not knowing him from Adam we said no-he obviously knew where we lived but we didn't feel comfortable giving him money until the job was done-thank goodness..
He was to come today at noon to fit the mantle that he apparantly built this weekend.  Darryl was coming home from a trip and I didn't want to be here alone with some random guy so I scheduled it for when Darryl was home...12:00 comes and goes...1:00..same...2:00..you get the picture...So, Darryl calls him and asks him what's up...He hasn't even bought the wood yet!!  He didn't call..nothing!  He said he couldn't do it unless we bought the wood first or paid him for the wood...yeah right..I wasn't born yesterday buddy...
What I don't get is obviously this guy needs the money...he sat here forever on Friday wasting his and our time yet doesn't even bother to show up?!! 
So, I'm sans mantle....
Thankfully, I found another guy with good references and seem to be very professional.  Only time will tell..we'll see how this one goes...

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