Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Quick Update

I don't have much time this morning for a full post but wanted to update my blog(My sweet brother constantly reminds me that yes..I've done a bad job lately of updating), a more thorough post will come later.  Some things that have been happening:
We went to the Biltmore last Saturday, which was really neat but suprisingly would seem our economy was having NO issues with the amount of people we saw there (It's really expensive to get in..)
We hit downtown Asheville afterwards to take in the sights and hopefully get into my favorite restaurant for dinner.  Alas, there was a 2 hour wait and it was already 8pm so we just walked around for a bit, listened to the street singers, and hit the road to find a Carrabas...I was pretty bummed I love to eat at local establishments vs. chain but 2 hours we just couldn't do..The upside is that Tupelo Honey Cafe(the restaurant I speak of has a cookbook coming out in the Spring so I'll be able to make their wonderful food at home!)

I went for another ultrasound on Friday.  I HAD to find out if there was 2 babies in there..I know I'm crazy, I know whether their was 2 or 20 it is was it is..but I HAD TO KNOW...I was in a panic, making deals with God-like he's some sort of saleman and this is a negotiation boy that's a laugh..but I was a panic I promised to find joy and be happy if he would just put one..oh it had to be healthy..oh..and if it could be the sex I wanted that would be great too...I act like I'm 6 sometimes..really...
Well, I went in and the ultrasound tech was wonderful(much better than the girl at the doctor's office) She checked for like 20 minutes and even gave me some 4D images of the baby(which looks like an alien right now)..their is only 1...I feel confident in that now and can rest a little easier.  Not that I don't absolutely adore my twins..everyone that knows me knows that they are everything to me..but..I just want one set...I've done it and I had fun and it was great and all that jazz but I don't want to do it again...period...

I've noticed lately my patience is really running thin.  I'm not very tolerant lately of alot of things.  It's not the kids or's other people.  I don't know if it's a pregnancy thing or what but somethings that irritated me before really are setting me off lately.  Like how certain people say certain words-It's stupid I know but for some reason it's really bothering me lately.  I won't go into them here my family knows what they are and constantly think it's funny to bring them up and say them to irritate's kindof funny now that I write it out how silly it is..but does irritate me..

I'm planning on buying a treadmill this week or next.  We had an awesome treadmill that we sold for pennies two homes ago and I so wish we had that one!   I really want to keep in shape during this pregnancy and since there is only one I want to make sure I'm careful about how much weight I gain.  I gained 28 pounds with the boys, which I know is good with twins, since most singelton pregnancys gain 25-35 pounds, so I'm hoping to only gain about 20 pounds with this one.  So far, it seems that it will be easy because I have no appetite for anything but I know after the first trimester is over, the food cravings I have to be careful.  Plus, the holiday season is coming and I have a hard time controlling myself during that time.  I also had gestastional diabetes with the twins and hope this time I don't get it again. 

Whew!  That was a long post for what was to be a short update.  Will be back soon with pictures from the Biltmore!

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