Friday, December 10, 2010

Better late than never...

Our computer is finally fixed!! 

These pictures are from Halloween.  We had such a great Halloween this year..since we live out in the country we headed to town(not our town it's too small-the next town) to go trick or treating.  The historic homes in this town really do a wonderful job and it's always so much fun!
I made mummy pizzas for dinner and then we got busy with costumes, makeup and some pictures.  Our property was perfect for pictures of our werewolf, Nicholas..

Our werewolf and rodeo clown walking down the driveway...

Here is our rodeo clown, Matthew...

We are already talking about next year-we always do! I want them to be Heat Miser and Cold Miser from the movie, "The Year without Santa Claus"  They love singing the songs so I thought it would be perfect..we'll see!

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