Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Age 3.
Literally the sweetest boy I have ever met.
He is kind, gentle and very, very smart.
He loves all things that move, but especially trains.
He also loves books and bugs.
Wants to be a train conductor when he grows up.
He accomplished so much this year, most notably...potty training!
He always says he is a big boy, not a little boy now.
He still loves baba (his pacifer) and moley.  

Age 13!! 
He is noble, honorable and always protects his mama and siblings.
He is the man of the house when daddy is gone.
He gives the BEST massages!
He loves fashion, specifically his fedora hat and aviator sunglasses.
He enjoys his speech and debate club and really is very good!
Great at math, he can do complicated math in his head quicker than I can write it down.
He is really into air soft wars with his friends.
He wants to be in real estate when he grows up.

Age 13!!!
THE cuddliest kid in America.
Nicholas loves tradition and reminds us how important those are to a family.
He is always willing to lend a helping hand.
Today in fact, he woke up early to mop the hardwood floors.
Why?  Because he wanted them clean and sparkling for Christmas.
He loves his puppy, Charlie and his cat, Mr. Mittens.
He loves speech and debate as well and really has a talent for writing.
He will make an AMAZING husband someday.

Age 1.
Sweets, babycakes, cheeks...all of her nicknames and they fit so well!
She is the sunshine in our day.
She makes EVERYONE happy!
She loves to dance and is really quite good.
She loves her mama and is constantly my little sidekick.
She is very loving, always giving kisses and hugs.
She loves her JoJo and her Mimi (her names for both Nicholas and Matthew)
At night sometimes, I hesitate to put her to bed because the house is so quiet and I have her all to myself.  I often keep her up past her bedtime just to spend time with her.
When she is ready for bed, she will get her blanket, bring it to me and say, "night, night".  She will then point to the recliner I rock her in.  I will ask her if she wants to nurse and she will smile and nod...it's so cute our little routine.


My children are my Christmas blessings.  
My husband is so wonderful for working so hard to allow me to be at home with this special people everyday, I really feel very humbled and ever so grateful for my gifts.
Merry Christmas!

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