Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Our family has a little boy that loves trains.  He really loves anything that has an engine, but especially trains.  Last year, we did the Denton Christmas Train, but this year we went to Village Park in Kannapolis and visited their Christmas village.
It was really cold that night, but we all had a great time, especially Joseph.
The town really had a wonderful village.  Inside was a huge model train setup with stations for the kids to engage different scenes for the trains.  Joseph loved this part and really the big boys did as well.
Outside was the musical bears, Santa's cottage, a snow show,  hot chocolate and a ride on the train through a lighted display.

Here Joseph is explaining how he wanted a large steam engine for Christmas.  

Poor Juliana...she looks so frightened..

Of course, we *made* the big boys sit on Santa's lap.

Joseph all ready for the train ride.

Who doesn't love a good snow?
(even if it isn't real)

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