Tuesday, December 23, 2014

 I took the pictures this year for our Christmas card in downtown Concord.
This town holds a special place in our hearts.  We owned a little bungalow here several years ago.  It was lovingly restored and renovated by us, and while it was sometimes a complete nightmare (aren't most home renovations?), it was a great learning experience.  We loved the old wood creaky floors and the cozy feel of a small home.  I loved all of the charm of the neighborhood, it was very walkable.
We used to love to walk to town for the summer events, often packing a picnic dinner in our wagon. We also loved to walk the library and Creamery, especially on a warm summer evening.  They have the best strawberry cheesecake ice cream!
Downtown has change a bit in the last couple of years for the better.  Great new businesses are opening up and we love to visit the shops and restaurants in support of local small businesses. I also still bring the little ones weekly to the library for story time.
While we do miss our little home downtown, we do love our country homestead.
Such different ways of living, both so wonderful!

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