Friday, August 13, 2010

More vacation pictures-Creeper Trail

We went to the Creeper Trail in Virginia on one of the days of our camping trip.  We, meaning the four of us, have biked this several times but Rolfe and Randy never have so we thought it would be fun for them.  Part of the trail was closed so instead of it being a 17 mile ride it was only 14 miles.  Which was o.k. because, while it's beautiful, we hit two pretty significant rain storms and it was cold and wet and muddy..but still so much fun!!

Here is all of us just starting-see how we are all nice and clean and dry!

This is after the first rain storm.  Thankfully we found a little store to stop at and wait the storm out.

Here's Rolfe-he has aspirations to hike parts of the A.T. so he was excited to find that it crossed our path.

Here is one of the many railroad tressles you cross over.  Nic was a bit nervous because of the height but they are simply stunning with views of the mountains and usually they have waterfalls and raging rock creeks underneath.

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