Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rolfe's birthday

My brother, Rolfe was here for his 17th birthday this year.  We were so excited to celebrate with him.  Darryl took him and the boys to Carowinds for the day where they rode the rollar coasters and played at the water park.  When they came home we headed out to dinner.  Rolfe had requested Carolina BBQ for his birthday dinner-so we found a local joint that we all had never been too and brought him there for dinner.

After dinner, we headed home.  He requested homemade peach cobbler for dessert and I made him one earlier that day with fresh peaches from the produce market.

Makin' a wish...

This is a really good wish...

Hope it comes true for you Rolfe!
(I'm pretty sure I knew what his wish was but didn't ask for fear it wouldn't come true)
Happy 17th Birthday Rolfe-We love you!!!

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