Friday, August 13, 2010

More vacation pictures

These pictures are more random but I wanted to include them from the vacation.
Here is what we all looked like after finishing the bike ride.  After two major rain storms riding through the mud we were covered all the way up our backsides!

Everytime we've biked this trail, Darryl and I have always stopped at the same spot and taked a picture together.  Here is this years snapshot...

Here is Matthew back in the New River. 

Here is Matthew and Randy after a long day-they were passed out!

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  1. I looked at all of your vacation posts...I think it is wonderful that your brothers spend time with your family..when I married at 17, my younger brother was 9 years old and my younger sister was 11..they came and spent weeks with us in the summer.
    That bike ride looks like so much brother hiked part of the AT when he was a teen.
    Mama Bear