Saturday, April 20, 2013


 Who doesn't love a bubble bath?
Nicholas and Joey were having a grand time taking a bubble bath together.

A funny story about this bath.  I was getting ready to leave and go have dinner with some friends. So, after I took these pictures I headed for the door.  Matthew came running out and said that Joey started giggling in the bathtub and gave Nicholas a mischevious grin.  I guess right at that moment, he pooped in the tub!
Nicholas jumped out of the tub quickly and jumped into the shower leaving Joey in the tub(no worries..Darryl was right there).  So, upon hearing this from Matthew I ran out of the house into the car pretending I didn't  I know...not the proudest mommy moment, but so funny!
I called Darryl a couple of minutes later and he informed me he was cleaning the tub.  He also said he's never seen someone with sausage toes(my feet are really swollen from the pregnancy) move so fast!
I thought it was hilarious!

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