Friday, April 26, 2013

Having a baby!

So, I had to have another c-section.  I was disappointed, but we all collectively felt it was the best decision at the time.  So, on Monday April 15th, we headed to the hospital to meet our little girl..
Here is the last shot of my belly.
Believe, it or not, I already miss being pregnant(not the first trimester-that is the absolute worst for me) but I enjoyed my second and most of my third.

It never fails.  Once I get in the operating room the tears start flowing and I start shaking.  It's happened every time and if God chooses to bless us again with another baby, it will happen then too.  I don't know why I freak out.  I guess just all the emotions and fears coming flooding in.  This time I was o.k. for a bit longer I just kept praying!

Here she is!

The doctor said I had a ton of scar tissue.  He had a hard time getting in there.  I asked if that meant I couldn't have any more children and he said no, but that it would just take longer to get baby out (-:

I'm so happy she's healthy and big!

Nicholas was smitten immediately!

Joey would coming running into the room and say, "Baby, baby"  He wanted to see his baby.
(Matthew was there too he just wasn't comfortable picking up baby yet.  When we got home he asked constantly to hold her).

Our sweet Juliana Elizabeth.

We are blessed beyond measure.
Children are a heritage of the Lord, blessed is he that has a quiver full of them.

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