Sunday, April 28, 2013

Our first week at home with Juliana...

 There is always a lot of chaos and adjustment when bringing a new baby home into the family. However, in that chaos is so much joy and excitement. The boys love the baby and are constantly kissing her.  Even Joey loves to kiss and love on her.  He's having some issues with sleeping at naps and nighttime now, but I'm sure that will get worked out once he adjusts a bit better.  Meanwhile, we have been blessed with many meals and gifts from loving friends.  It makes it so much easier to sit and love on the kids (and steal a nap here and there) when I don't have to worry about preparing dinner.

 The boys put together a swing for Juliana.  They are getting so good at that type of thing.

A sweet friend brought over lots of gifts for Juliana, but she also remembered to pack a gift for the boys to play with and also for Joey.  He loves his new bubble maker!

Peanut has a baby too that he loves.  Here he is soothing his baby and putting his baby in the new swing.

Milky mouth!

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