Thursday, April 11, 2013


As to be expected in the third trimester, I have been a busy bee nesting in preparation for our newest blessing.  Here are some of the projects I've been working on.

Our homeschool closet.
This was an absolute mess before.  Now, everything is so organized.  I've also created busy boxes for Joseph in there so when we are schooling, he can have a new box daily with activities to give him the feeling of *doing school* with us.

Toy storage downstairs
We do have a playroom upstairs that was totally revamped and organized as well.  It looks AMAZING!
We built an entire wall of storage units(thanks to Ikea) and also put up some extra storage for toys up there as well.
But this is for our downstairs toys.  I love that everything has a spot and toys aren't strewn all over the place.

Making vitamins.
I love taking an herbal vitamin from Trilight Health, but it's pricey.  So, I did some research online on how to make an herbal vitamin with glycerin, ordered the herbs, and made my own for a fraction of the cost!

Making lotions
I always make our own lotions, deodorants, baby powder, diaper cream, etc.

Now, this...this... has been a must do for about 17 years...
I had kept all of our pictures for 17 years in plastic boxes.  They were completely unorganized and most of the time I just threw the new ones in with the old ones.  It was a complete and utter mess.
Now, I have organized the pictures by year and labeled everything.
I love it!

Well, of course I had to have some creative time as a reward!
Aren't these diaper covers so cute!
I've made several different types(my favorite is the ruffle butt one) and made matching bows to coordinate.

Planning this weekend to get some last minute sewing in for the baby and for Joey's birthday.  He LOVES art, so I'm making him a coloring tote to bring to baseball games, outings, etc.
We are also planning to plant some veggies in our garden and next week our new chicks arrive.

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  1. I wondered if you had had the baby since you hadn't posted in a little while! OK, those diaper covers are absolutely adorable!! And the bows! You are so talented!! Ahhh, i'm sure the organization feels wonderful. Also...way to go on the homemade vitamins and all that other stuff. I'd love to know how you make everything. Amazing! Hum...maybe I need to have another baby so that I will get as inspired as you have. :)