Monday, May 10, 2010

It's getting there...

Here is the house as of last Saturday.  The hardwoods were beginning to get installed and check out the new fireplace-doesn't it look great!  Much, much better than the last one they installed. ( If your curious what the last one looks like it's on some previous posts about the house.)  It did require them to take all the brick out and rebuild it all but it was so worth it.  This one fits the scale of the room so much better.  I'm so glad Darryl fought for this because it really looks 100x better.

And part of our kitchen with the MICROWAVE finally some peace with the microwave(and yes it's Kenmore Elite just as I wanted-I didn't back down)  We are still waiting on the island quartz because the island cabinets had to be rebuilt.  I'll spare you the details because really I don't want to relive it...

I can't wait to move in!!!!

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