Thursday, May 20, 2010


(This a picture from 2 years ago-I had to post it because it's so cute!!)

(This one is a recent shot)
A friend of mine just posted on her blog about twins.  She adopted twins a year and a half ago from Haiti.  They are adorable little boys, albeit a little rambunctious(what little boy isn't?).  She already had three older children before the adoption.  She was posting on her frustration about the comments and questions daily about the twins and I remember feeling those same feelings when the boys were younger.  It seems that having twins to some folks is still some sort of freak show.  They are so curious about certain details which frankly, I wouldn't ask someone but to each there own.  So, I thought I'd post my most frequently(almost everyday still) questions and comments and then answer them once and for all.

Are your boys twins?


Which one is older?


By how long?

One minute

Oh my...(pause)  that was quick!

It's at that moment they have a shear look of horror usually on there face and I'm embarrassed because I know what they are thinking...
I then tell them ,so they can stop thinking about my lady parts, that I had the boys  by c-section due to complications...

I bet they are a handful!

No, not really.  To be honest what 8 year old is?

Are they your only ones?

Twins, yes.

Are you going to have more children? (Usually this is said with a look of horror in the person's eyes)

Yes, we would like more children.

Did you want boys?

First of all, who would ask a question like that in front on my TWO BOYS?  What am I supposed to say? "No, but I got stuck with these two? " 
But, yes I wanted and prayed for  boys and God blessed me with boys.

Do they fight alot?

Do most siblings fight alot?  I guess it depends on your family dynamic, not whether they are twins or not and no they don't fight alot.

Did you breastfeed? (Now, this one I don't mind if a woman asks...but when a man asks..well that's just weird)


They are so handsome, I bet the girls love them.  Do they have girlfriends and do they fight over girls?

O.k. this one is fairly recent, having only been happening about a year or so. It really frustrates me because they ask this in front on my boys.  If it was away from them, well I don't get upset or angry but in front of them, I do...They are 8 years old  people!!  No, they don't have girlfriends.  And why say this in front of them so that they think it's weird to not have a girlfriend at 8?  What...  By 10 should they be paying a mortgage and starting a family?    This is the one question that grates my nerves lately and sadly we get it ALL...THE...TIME...

I really don't mind the questions as much now that the boys are older and  they can usually answer the questions themselves.  However, I do remember when they were younger, like my friend Laurie blogged about,  when I'd be somewhere and people wanted to touch them or even pick them up.  People I had never seen in my life! 
I know she will get through it as I have and really so grateful for the blessing of twins.

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  1. I don't have twins but I do have 3 boys and I get similar comments.
    Are you done? (none of your business)
    Are you going to try for a girl? (I really have no control over gender)
    WoW! 3 boys! You are so brave! (WHAT?!?!)
    People just don't think sometimes before they speak.