Monday, May 10, 2010

My Mother's Day

My Mother's Day was so great this year.  It really is every year because I'm really so grateful to be a mother to my amazing, loving, funny, thoughtful children and feel blessed that God has entrusted me to raising these boys....  First,  I woke up to hugs and kisses and cuddles(my favorite way to wake up).  

                  Then I read these:

Then Darryl bought me a sweet present.  We have this really neat Antique Collectable store that just opened near us and I have frequented it numerous times already(you'll see some furniture we purchased from there when we move).  Anyway, I've been eyeing this painting for several weeks and brought Darryl to look at it.  He didn't like it so I didn't buy it....well..he bought it me for Mother's Day.  I love it!!

Meet Bessie...

Then after church we drove to Hickory, NC(which is the capitol of furniture making in the U.S.) for their  semi-annual after market sale.  We are in the market for a new sofa and loveseat for the living room and I thought this would be a great place to start.  We went to a HUGE furniture mall that was quite frankly overwhelming.  We didn't get there until around 4pm and the mart was closing at 6pm so I was racing around like a chicken with my head cut off.  One of the receptionists mentioned that they were having a drawing for prizes and we should enter seeing as though it was only 1/2 hour from the drawing so we figured we should.
WELL...I WON!!!.
A brand new Hitachi hybrid dvd camcorder!  I screamed I was so excited!  We have been wanting one of these for quite awhile seeing that we have been lugging around a huge, older camcorder.  We also won 4 tickets to Carowinds so the boys were really excited about that as well. 
Our day was busy but so much fun.  First, taking time to worship our Lord in a new place that I really felt God's presence.  Then, to recieve these special gifts made with children's hands and love.  And then to win something that has been on my mind for several months-God is so good!
It was a great day!

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