Friday, April 8, 2011

33 weeks!

I'm over 33 weeks now...has this pregnancy flew by or what?  It seems like yesterday I was freaking out that  I was pregnant and now I'm freaking out I have so much to do(and buy) before little one makes his arrival.  I'm feeling good and trying to keep up with my exercising so my body can prepare for the hardest(and most rewarding)exercise of all in a short time.  I've been craving cottage cheese and blueberries and eat it daily(topped with cinnamon) it's sooo good!!  Otherwise, we've set up the crib, purchased a car seat/stroller and are trying to buy things here and there for him.  I really need to start thinking about freezer cooking but as of right now I have no room in either of my freezers.  Our new friend Ron surprised us with an abundance of Venison yesterday and it's so good!  He even gave us Venison pepperoni-the boys are so excited about that because I never buy pepperoni for our pizza night because of the nitrates and yucky stuff in this week-Venison pepperoni pizza!

On the homestead, our chickens are doing great and hopefully the coop will be complete tomorrow!  Also, our garden is starting to sprout some cold weather crops-beets, spinach, sugar snap peas, and an array of lettuces. 

We've had some setbacks on the home school front and although I do love homeschooling, my patience has been tested as of late.  I'm trying to get everything squared away before our new arrival so we can just focus on the 3R's this summer and have everything else completed(we school year round so we can take off when we want/need). I'm re-evaluating some curriculum choices(think I may go with My Father's World next year) as well as making some changes in math.  Thankfully, the boys scored very well on their state testing but I think(especially Matthew) he is understanding math the way I understand math-in memorization...I'm  great at memorizing and did very well in math(my senior year I was in AP Calculus)..but SAT's...awful!  Why?  Because I didn't truly get math...I could remember concepts, I could apply concepts, but give me a word problem and that was where it all fell apart...which is why I think I did so poorly on the SAT's but did very well in a school type environment.  In school, they just wanted you to memorize the concept of the week and apply it to your test on Friday.  I think Matthew is doing the exact same thing so we are looking at some Asian math curriculum's that place a high priority on word problems and conceptual math.  Fortunately, Darryl is a whiz at math and when I get stuck(I can't believe I've actually gotten stuck on a couple of 3rd grade math word problems)..Darryl has come to the rescue and loves to do math with the boys. 

Anyway, that's about it here on the home front, I've been experimenting with some new recipes lately attempting to limit our grains as well as gluten and have come up with some wonderful new recipes.  I'm really loving them!
And my Vita's my new favorite appliance.  I made coconut, peanut butter and banana ice cream the Vita mix...can you believe it?  I also have a recipe for homemade Magic Shell-I L...O..V..E.. Magic Shell but just can't ever bring myself to buy it-have you seen the ingredients in it?...yucky!  Well, I found a homemade version that uses coconut oil(so good for you!) and dark chocolate.  I'm so excited for dessert tonight!!  I'll share the recipes with pictures if they are good next week (-:

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