Sunday, April 17, 2011

International Fair

Last night we participated in our local homeschool groups International Fair.  This was a chance for the kids to pick a country, learn about it, write a speech, make a poster board, and do a presentation in front of a group.  We had alot of fun participating in this!  The boys chose Uganda because we sponsor a child from Uganda and we wanted to learn more about his culture, home life, etc.  We enjoyed a potluck meal first with everyone and then got to sample different foods from all the cultures that were presented.
Here is Matthew preparing Bunyoro Stew.  It is a traditional Ugandan stew with beef, tomatoes, curry, and onions. 

Here is Nicholas checked the stewed meat...

They did so well on their presentations and speeches.  I know, especially Nicholas, gets bad stage fright but he did great!

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