Friday, April 29, 2011

My small garden

This is the beginnings of our garden here at Hickory Nut Homestead.  We have two of these  beds so far.  We found the cinder blocks in our woods and they have been great for free raised beds!  I've already filled two of these and am hoping my dear husband can build me another this weekend because I haven't even planted my squashes, eggplant or cucumbers yet.
I'm not sure how much cinder blocks cost in the store, but if you can get you hands on some it's a great way to build a raised bed.  I've read that you can do lots of things with the holes such as pour compost in them and water it, plant herbs or flowers in them  as well. (I may plant marigolds and pennyroyal)   They are also easy to expand if you wish.  Plus, they don't rot like wood.
In this bed I've planted, sugar snap peas, boston lettuce, red lettuce, beets, cilantro, red cabbage and onions.
In the next bed, I've got 4 different types of tomatoes, red peppers, okra and spinach.
I love having our fresh veggies right outside our door (-:

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