Thursday, October 24, 2013

Another Fun Art Project

We have been cranking out some really fun art projects this fall and this was one we included Joey in as well.
Found it on the same website I previously mentioned.  It was Halloween silhouettes.
First the children would paint a sunset background with the darkness settling in.
Then, they cut(I did this for Joey) Halloween scenes...IE...a haunted house, witches, pumpkins, etc. in black construction paper.
When the paint dried, you just glue on your scene and then you have a cool looking picture.

Quick, easy, and so much fun...try it!

Joey was so proud of his painting and gluing.

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  1. Those look like fun! My kids love painting and doing art projects. Every week at CC (Classical Conversations), the kids have to do a presentation. Next week, David is teaching the class how to draw with perspective. He is going to do great :)