Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Late Summer Vacation

We had a wonderful beach vacation this year.  We headed down south to Indian Shores, Florida for two weeks of sun, sand, and fun!  The weather could not have been more perfect.
 We usually take a week at the beach and a week in the mountains in the summer time, and I think we will do that next year again.  Two weeks was just a bit too long in one spot, but it did make us appreciate home.
Here are some hilights from our trip!

Off we go!
(Isn't it always smiles and giggles when you first leave?  The anticipation of a great adventure is always so exciting!)

Matthew couldn't wait to go fishing.  He REALLY wanted to catch a shark and he did!

Then, he caught a Jack

Sweet babycakes first trip to the ocean.

The most amazing storm rolled in at sunset, it was beautiful!

Having lived in the area for most of my life, we had our favorite restaurants that we couldn't wait to visit.
We headed to Tarpon Springs one HOT morning.  We walked the village and then had a wonderful lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, Hellas.  It's no secret that our family LOVES Greek food.  We couldn't wait to eat!

Greek salads and Gyro's for everyone!

St Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Tarpon Springs.  Nicholas' patron saint.

Isn't it beautiful!

The Weeping Icon of St. Nicholas.

Fun in the Sun!

Joey's first time fishing. 

He caught one!

Sweet Tracey and Mom came for a visit.

Long days at the beach make for sleepy children.

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