Sunday, October 13, 2013

Our pumpkin carving party

 Such a lovely day today!
After liturgy, we headed to the health food store and purchased some lunch meats, gluten free bread,  and all the fixins.  I bought some Bubbies pickles and some special chips(we try to save things like this for an occasional treat).  We then headed to a park in Davidson, and had a lovely picnic.  It was a chilly day and overcast, but quite beautiful with the leaves starting to change and fall.  After some eating and playing, we left and headed back to the health food store!  We were all craving a treat, so Darryl bought us Coconut Milk/Chocolate Ice cream bars...they were so good!  We then drove around Davidson admiring all the neat Halloween decorations on most of the homes.  Living out in the country does have it's advantages, but we don't get to enjoy seeing decorations like these everyday.  If I could pick one thing I miss from living in a subdivision, that would be it...I do love some holiday decorations!  
So, we drove around for awhile and then all were feeling very sleepy.  So, we headed home and I enjoyed a sweet nap with my little Joseph.  He's such a cuddle bug!
Thankfully, I had dinner already prepared in the crockpot.  So, after our naps we had dinner and then it was on!
We all love a little competition, so every year we have a pumpkin carving contest.  Now, usually it's Darryl and I fighting over the title, but now the big boys are old enough to carve themselves, so they have entered the big time.  Joey had his own pumpkin to decorate and he was quite creative with Sharpie Markers and stickers.

Nicholas in deep thought over his creation.

 Joey is really enjoying watching Darryl.

There is always time to stop for some lovin'

Matthew was having a creative block for quite some time, but then he went into action mode and started carving.

 Here are all of them lit up(besides Joey's of course).  They look great!

After bath time, Joey came out to take pictures with his pumpkin.  

Matthew's pumpkin

Nicholas' pumpkin

Darryl always does a great job.

Husband and Wife pumpkins.

 Joe's is displayed on the front porch since it can't be lit.

This year the award went to....Matthew!  He did a great job and we loved his pumpkins' scared expression.
Sweet baby cakes was catching up on her beauty sleep through the entire competition, so she was spared the arguments(I mean discussions) over the winner.
Congratulations Matthew!

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