Sunday, October 6, 2013

Summer vacation, continued...

 Sweet baby on the beach with mama-made diaper cover and bow to match!

All the boys in the water.

Joey loved to feed the birds bait fish that Darryl caught.

We went for a walk one beautiful night and the kids all had glow sticks to play with.

The big boys working as a team to catch crabs.

My sweet Joey on the beach.

Sweet baby being lulled to sleep by the sound the waves.

We visited one of our favorite ice cream shops, Twistee Treat while we were down there.  It was so fun to bring the kids to a place Darryl and I used to frequent(way to much) when we were younger.

Chocolate/ Vanilla swirl with Chocolate Jimmies-my favorite!

We had such a great trip.   It was so great to just have two weeks with nothing to do, but spend time together as a family.  
We are so blessed.

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