Monday, October 14, 2013

Painting with Joe.

 How can I begin to express how much I love art?
I told Matthew today I wish our entire day would consist of art projects, reading books, and games.
Come to think of it...if we just added some math in, It could be a great homeschool.  I may ponder on that a bit....
Anyway, on a lovely fall morning, we did a little art on the deck while the big boys did their schoolwork.  Or should I say, they were supposed to be doing their schoolwork, but were drawn into the art project.

Little Joe did some food painting.  We took a corn cob and an apple, cut them in half, and painted. 
It was so fun!
The big boys kept trying to take over (:
We then read some lovely fall books.  I have a favorite called, Aloysha's Apple that we read over and over.  We also have been singing many new fall songs that we've learned through a lovely Waldorf book.  
The one he loves goes like this:
Here's an apple tree with leaves so green(wave arms like an apple tree)
Here are the apples that hang between(form you hands into fists-as they are apples)
When the wind blows the apples will fall!(Wave arms around and then drop them to the ground)
And here is a basket to gather them all(form arms like a basket)
He then loves to pick up imaginary apples for each of our family members and puts them into the basket.

We also have been reading a lot about pumpkins, pumpkin planting, and carving pumpkins.
Every time he sees a pumpkin now, he screams, "Ween!"  As in Halloween.
It's so cute!

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